Be efficient" as stated in our philosophy, is all-important to us. This means we are always ready to deliver
your products, quickly and reliably, no matter what the size of your order.

The Beck EffiTech plugin system

System efficiency

Our innovative mouldings are designed to eliminate the need for costly welding tasks.

This patented system makes it possible to connect different materials together.

For example, our hybrid connection system allows for an existing metal pipeline to connect with a flow-optimised plastic exhaust hood.

This system offers our customers some major benefits:

  1. Maximum flexibility
  2. Reduced installation time
  3. Wide spectrum of usability


For almost 50 years, Beck has been involved in the development and production of moulded thermoplastic pipes for ventilation systems with the motto "be efficient. be beck.", and with great success

Beck prides itself on experience, innovation and quality. We continually work with our experts and planners to improve and maintain the quality of our products and services to be the best in our field.