Our philosophy is quite simple: We aim to provide our customers with the decisive advantage in efficiency. And the five factors we use to achieve this are quality, experience, innovation, product range and easy assembly.

  • 1First-class quality

    Our moulded parts are among the best in the world. Because we design and manufacture the production tools ourselves, the wall thicknesses comply with those of standard commercial ventilation pipe wall thicknesses even at points of extreme deformation.

  • 2 Vast experience

    With around 50 years’ experience, we are absolute specialists. We have a total command of all necessary procedures, i.e. hot moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and injection moulding.

  • 3Trail-blazing innovations

    Our name always stands for new developments in plastics moulding. That is why we are constantly perfecting our products in order to keep them at the cutting edge of technology at all times.

  • 4 Wide product range

    We offer a fully comprehensive range in all standard sizes and materials. Our customers always find exactly the right product.

  • 5 Easy assembly

    With our products, it is possible to achieve professional installation by welding, gluing or simply fitting together without the need for any additional expensive special equipment.