beck’s history started in the year 1963 in Tonpfad in Frankfurt-Griesheim.

 At this time, Klaus Beck manufactured laboratory basins and tanks made of plastic for developing x-ray films on the basis of individual orders from doctors.In 1966, he supplied series products for the first time with significantly shortened construction and delivery times at a more favourable price.

 At the start of the ‘70s, the company was manufacturing film development systems for the new film formats of that time. This enabled the development of panorama films for x-ray systems, above all for orthodontic treatment. During the same decade, beck obtains a major order from the German Armed Forces for the former Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base: a 70 metre long laboratory basin for the development of images for topographic maps.



 Parallel to this, beck began manufacturing moulded parts made of plastic tubes (initially PVC). By the end of the decade, the company was also seeking to intensify the production of moulded parts made from polyolefins such as PP and PPS.

 The product range at that time included other formed parts such as reducers and control dampers (now: volume control dampers). Furthermore, beck manufactured switch cabinets made of plastic. These are required, among others, by the ZDF (“Second German Television”) for outside broadcasts to provide watertight protection for lighting and film equipment.

 In 1975, the company succeeded for the first time in manufacturing by blow-extrusion process a 315 mm 90° PPs bend with sockets on both ends.

 At the start of the ‘80s, beck expanded its standard program for plastic moulded pipe parts for chemically contaminated aeration and ventilation. During this period, the company continued to manufacture tank systems.

 In 1986 the company changed its name to Beck Kunststoffverformungs GmbH. In the same year, the company moved to Elektronstrasse in Frankfurt-Griesheim – which continues to be the heart of the company today. By purchasing further properties, the company site has since been enlarged to a size of well over 10,000 sq.m.